Scene on Campus: Pushing For Pub Night

20 Apr

Take an inside look at StMU’s Pub Night with Student Government Association President Alexandra McCoy. See for yourself how SGA works with advertising and organization to give students a fun night in at the University Center.

Recognizing a Critical Part of English Criticism at StMU

23 Mar

Dr. Camille Langston takes us through a day in the life of a St. Mary’s University professor. Take a look and see for yourself what makes this educator a unique asset to our liberal arts institution.

Delta Zeta Screams For Ice Cream!

23 Feb

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Members of the Delta Zeta sorority gather at the Archbishop Flores Residence Hall lounge to socialize with the newest members to the organization on February 22, 2011.


Two new members of Delta Zeta, Veronica Martinez and Megan Salib, enjoy their ice cream while getting to know older member Clarisse Nacino.


The women of Delta Zeta proudly display their letters and turtle mascot every chance they get, from carryall bags to key chains and identification holders.


Stephanie Flores scoops up ice cream for new member Itzel Martinez, who shows off her “nerdy” attire from the themed new member meeting before the social.


A Delta Zeta’s accessories are as bright as the girls themselves, and they aren’t afraid to represent the pink and green colors of their sisterhood!



Perfecting the “Practice”

11 Feb

Learning Outcomes:

In completing this project, the most important new skill I attained was learning to edit multiple tracks on Final Cut Pro.  I also learned new techniques in recording noise outside and how to manage uncontrollable factors in your audio, like the wind blowing or ambulance sirens. It was also a new experience to reassure the interviewee because I had never interviewed someone so nervous before.

If I could re-do this assignment, I would have liked to get better background noises because some of the sounds I thought were recorded perfectly clear actually came out very low and were barely audible.



The most challenging part of this assignment was adjusting the volumes on the tracks so the noises weren’t louder than the interviewee’s voice. It was also hard to select clips of the audio that didn’t have people talking while my interviewee was talking. I had to adjust all the clips to certain places of the conversation instead of just being able to line up the clips side by side.

In total, it took me about four to five hours to complete this project.


Aiming for Greatness

11 Feb

Jonathon Perez, pitcher for the St. Mary’s University Rattler baseball team, speaks about the importance of practicing for a difficult sport. While the training may not be easy, find out how he motivates himself and others to just keep going… or in his case, just keep pitching.

Reflecting On My First Audio Interview

9 Feb

Learning Outcomes:

The new skills I developed were using Final Cut Pro, some interviewing techniques, optimizing photos for web, using audio equipment and converting files. I feel like I learned so much with this project because I am so slow to learn anything dealing with technology. One of the more important aspects that was really an eye-opener was minding the words that I use and how I speak when being interviewed because I’m so used to being the interviewer.

If I were given a second chance, I would like to spend more time editing the audio because I’m such a perfectionist. I wanted it done correctly right down to the last millisecond and I had a hard time blending in the audio. For example, there were a few instances when the interviewee’s voice got higher and lower within the same phrase because I could not blend the audio naturally after cutting the “ums” out of his speech.


The most challenging part of the assignment for me was definitely cutting down the audio and connecting the pieces that I wanted. I wrote down and erased times so much and it was tough cutting out those “ums” and “ahs” and try to keep the audio sounding natural.

In total, it took me about four hours to complete this project.

He’s Got the Moves for the Interviews

28 Jan


Austin W. Newton may seem like the average dedicated St. Mary’s University student with an above average passion for writing. However, this English-Communication Arts major and former News Editor of The Rattler has another surprising talent!

My Media Production 2 Class

19 Jan

Jerry Mendez , Mimi Soy, Analicia Perez, Austin Newton, Dania Pulido,Stephen Guzman, Sarah Mills, Veronica Luna, Diana Garcia, Jasmine Garcia

Edit the Past and Shoot for Success!

19 Jan

As I begin this new semester, I constantly hope and pray that I will maintain my focus on my classes and my extra-curricular activities. Every year, I hope to do better than the one before, and although I have obtained several achievements and acquired many blessings, I still think that there is plenty of room for improvement. This semester, I hope to keep my grades up and pass every single one of my classes with flying colors.

A few aspects that I am looking forward to in this class is learning to conduct and edit my interviews and to learn how to use programs like Final Cut Pro to edit my photos and my audio. However, I also think that learning to use these programs may be a challenge for me and the concept of beating deadlines is a little intimidating to me.

This course relates to my intended career in public relations or journalism because it will teach me to conduct interviews, edit them, use media software and put together a portfolio that displays my best work. These skills are highly desirable in such a competitive field.

As the semester begins, I am grateful to be blessed with this opportunity to learn new skills and to be able to do it in such a welcoming environment. I hope to exceed my own expectations and those that anyone else may have of me.